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Luxuriously Long

Wedding Hairstyles Luxuriously Long

What's the secret to hair that's this fabulously full and luxuriously long? Our model is wearing a set of ModelBride hair extensions!

Featured Products

  • Bitty Bobby Pins
  • Custom 18"" Hair Extension Set

Everyday Style

This is a great option if you want to wear a hairstyle that's special but still want to feel like ""you"" on your wedding day.

The hair is worn down like you might wear to the office, but the fullness and curls are definitely not everyday.


Our model already has long, fairly thick hair but even if your hair is thin you can wear this style with the help of our Custom 18"" Hair Extension Set.

Hair Prep

If you have wavy or curly hair you may consider having your hair washed and straightened the day before your wedding.

Avoid washing your hair the next morning and your hair should take, and hold the curls beautifully.


Curl Power

ModelBride stylists gathered medium sized sections of hair and sprayed them with setting lotion. Each section was then curled with a curling iron and pinned. Each curl was then unpinned and sprayed with hair spray to give each curl a polished look.


Either a dainty barrette or a couple of hair clips are nice complements for this dramatic style. Our model is wearing the Bitty Bobby Pins so the sides can remain down to show off the curls and fullness. The Sunset Barrette would also be a great choice.



  • Bellezza Crystal Mini Barrette
    Bellezza Crystal Mini Barrette
  • Custom 18'' Hair Extension 8 Piece Set
    Custom 18'' Hair Extension 8 Piece Set
  • Hannah Crystal Bracelet
    Hannah Crystal Bracelet

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