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Red Carpet

Oversized hairpins give this updo a shot of glamour. It's a fitting look for the red carpet, or a walk down the aisle.



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This is a hairstyle that's appropriate for many hair types - thin or thick, wavy or straight.

For hair with a bit of curl or wave, have your stylist straighten it with a flat iron or blow dryer before beginning. If you have very curly hair you may be better off choosing a style that works with your natural curl instead of against it.

The Long and Short

To begin, our model's hair was pulled into a low pony tail with the bangs out. The ponytail should be at least 6 inches. If it isn't long enough, try a hair extension to get additional length and fullness.

Weave and Tuck

The pony tail was then divided into several sections and woven together into an oblong bun, tucking and hiding the ends with bobby pins. Our ModelBride stylist added a bit of hair padding to the chignon to give the illusion of fullness and to help give shape to the style.


Finishing Touch

The Gala Grande Hairpin Set adds a dramatic touch to the chignon and our Crystal Drama Drop Earrings add sparkle as well as movement.

  • Coeur de Crystal Necklace
    Coeur de Crystal Necklace
  • Crystal Drama Drop Earrings
    Crystal Drama Drop Earrings
  • Custom 14" Hair Extension 4 Piece Set
    Custom 14" Hair Extension 4 Piece Set
  • Gala Grande Hair Pin Set
    Gala Grande Hair Pin Set

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