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Shop for Beautiful Designer Bridesmaid Dresses, wedding shoes Online

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Wedding is not just a ritual that intertwines the fate of two people but also a festival that brings many together to celebrate love, relationship and joy. To make this special day etched in the memory as a glittering one a heartfelt decoration is truly required.

To make an event like this memorable and unforgettable dressing up to the occasion is a must. It goes without saying that the dress of the bride is the most gorgeous and elegant of them all. Very often than none the whole of the wedding decors are staged complimenting and reciprocating the bridal attire like the cake, the canopy and to a length even the groom's tuxedo.

Well, apart from the bride's dress the next important thing that lights up the wedding ceremony is the maid of honour and the bridesmaid in the tow. The dress up of the maid of honour and bridesmaid is always chosen with great thought so that they could compliment the bride in the most gracious way possible. The dresses of the bridesmaid must be elegant and complimentary to the bride's gown and also must have the same vibe as the theme of the wedding, if any.

Now, comes the part where wedding is at its best hour, apart from the ceremony, the dress shopping.  Bridesmaid dresses are, like wedding gown, onetime apparels, and if it's a theme wedding then definitely an only time apparel. For the bridesmaid dress generally comprises a nice dress, a complimenting pair of shoes, a matching pair of ling gloves and a tiara in the head sometimes.

Nowadays dress shopping does not contain shop hopping but site hopping. Yes, now the dresses can be browned, compared and previewed through online shopping sites. Some exclusive wedding dress sites even offer try at home feature where the buyers could trial the dresses at their own homes. The bridesmaid dress is apparel that comes with a multi variant catalogue. The dress is first categorized into types of cuttings and shapes like corset fitting, one piece gown, modern fittings etc. The dress is also showcased in colour varieties and cloth material like chiffon, soft tulle and lace. The bridesmaid dresses are popularized by some designers also. These brands cost a bit more but ensure the best of quality apparels with signature design or bride's customized design. Some of the popular brands are Adrianna Papell, Joanna August, Alfred Angelo, Donna Morgan and so on. The  wedding shoes are also chosen complimenting the dress. The next thing that really adorns the bridesmaid dress is the fashionable jewellery sets that intimate the wedding feeling. The fashion houses exhibit different falls like spring autumn and so on but a well-cased collection of bridesmaid attire really brings forth the feel of a true wedding fall. 

How to buy the best Bridesmaid Dresses and Wedding Shoes Online

The wedding day is supposedly the most awaited and emotional day for a bride in her entire lifetime. It is the day she would like to remember for the rest of her life as a very memorable one. So, the occasion calls for a dress of a similar grandeur. A day of such immense significance definitely requires something out-of-the-ordinary. [...]

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Trend to Try: White Pre-Ceremony Clothing

Wearing white clothing was customary and reserved in the past for the bride during pre-wedding events such as bridal showers and engagement parties. But, over the years traditions changed and brides began wearing more colorful dresses and clothing for these special occasions. Recently, white pre-wedding ceremony wardrobes have come back in a big way and in modern designs that complement brides-to-be [...]

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What to Wear: Country Wedding

Destination wedding invites don’t always mean an extended weekend getaway to a tropical island. Wedding venues with rustic vibes are gaining popularity not only the Midwest but also in metropolitan areas like Princeton, NJ and Catskill, NY on the east coast. The fall season is prime time for outdoor country weddings because they bring together the perfect combination [...]

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Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

The man of your dreams finally got the rock you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl. You picked the venue, sealed the wedding date, and now you are just finalizing the final touches for your wedding. All through this process, your girls have been by your side during your bridezilla or not so bridezilla ways. [...]

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Top Bridesmaids Dress Colors for Spring

Spring is finally here! So, it’s time to step away from those monochromatic and dark shades of winter and start transitioning into the lighter and airy color palette of the current season. What better way to incorporate these feminine spring tones than by choosing one or more of them for your wedding colors. Deciding on the color scheme [...]

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3 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

Looking great on your wedding day is as easy as One, Two Three  1.Healthy Eating   Yes, that means to put away the Pillsbury Cookie Dough and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Don't think of it as a diet, think       of it as a life style adjustment. Here are a few simple guidelines.   Cut [...]

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Bridal Shower Tips

Looking for an alternative from the traditional bridal shower or wild night out bachelorette party? Treating the bride and her bridal party to a relaxing luncheon in a tea room is what’s Trending Now. Just last week I enjoyed this experience first hand at Mary Cassatt Tea Room at the Rittenhouse Square Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As [...]

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Lori Dunn's Brides Healthy Living Ideas

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Perfect For All

Perfect for AllYou’re engaged! Suddenly your schedule is turned upside down. Wedding planning will soon be in high gear. It‘s sure to be an exciting year, full of pre wedding events with friends and family. Engagement party, bridal shower and bachelorette party the list goes on and on. You will soon be asking yourself, What do [...]

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