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​It All Adds Up (Fitness)

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It All Adds Up (Fitness)

Looking great & in shape on your wedding day is a priority, however we know how difficult it is to squeeze that hour workout into your crazy schedule. Below are a few of my favorite quickie workouts that I squeeze into my day, especially when I know there is no time for the gym.

Strap on ankle weights while straightening the house.                 

Park you car in a spot across the parking lot.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

.Spend half of your lunch break talking a brisk walk which also gives you less time to eat.

Have small dumbbells under your desk. Do a few sets in the morning and afternoon.    

Twice a day, do 12 squats from a chair- stand –sit.-stand –sit.

While cooking dinner put on some great music and dance about, after all working out should be fun!