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​Live By The Rainbow

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Live By The Rainbow

What bride doesn't dream about being in tip top shape on her wedding day with glowing skin and healthy hair? 

It’s easy to be come overwhelmed with the choices of special diets and beauty products promising you this out come. Remember it all starts from within. Healthy eating promotes glowing skin and hair as well as help keep your fit and trim. Here is a very simple rule to eating health. Eat from the Rainbow every day. A diet rich in bright colored food such a greens, reds, orange, purple, and yellows give you nutrients and vitamins that promote a healthy body.

In comparison cut back certain carbs such as white foods, bread, chips and pasta. Carbs with fiber and whole grain are healthier choice. Cutting back on your carbs helps promote weight loss, a healthy heart and nice skin.

Who knew looking great could be as simple as changing the color of the foods you eat? Looking luminous may just be the pot of gold and the end of the Rainbow!