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Power Packed

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Power Packed (Health)

Once you say I DO, it seems life turns into a list of To Do with all the wedding planning. Throughout your planning it’s important to eat right, stay healthy and keep your energy levels up. As much as we know it’s best to sit down and have 3 meals a day many times that just not possible. Keep your energy level high throughout your day by packing protein snacks that will help carry you through your busy schedule.

Throughout the years of long days on a photo shoot or getting up at 4:00 am to do a bridal parties hair & makeup, I have become an expert on power foods to grab before I run out the door. Most of my favs take very little to no prep work.


Almonds or any nuts

Hard Boiled Eggs

Protein Shake.

Celery & Peanut Butter

Travel size Cottage Cheese


Hummus and baby carrots.



Not only will snacking keep you going during a long day it also prevents you from over eating when you do finally have time to sit down for a meal. Don’t forget to drink you water. Keeping hydrated gives you energy as well.