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How to get Glowing Skin for your Wedding Day

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As you stroll down the aisle on your wedding day, you'll want to look radiant and glowing;  great skin, shiny hair and sparkling teeth. All eyes and cameras will be on you. 

Ever wonder how models and celebs look so beautiful?  Beauty starts with great skin, and as I always say, great skin starts from the Inside Out.  Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep all play a part in great skin. 

With the crazy schedule of planning a wedding, it's sometimes easy to neglect one if not all the above. Set reminders for yourself to drink water and get to bed on time.


Beauty does starts from the inside, however there are several treatments we can do from the outside to help generate That Glow.

Exfoliate is key.  Exfoliating helps get rid of tired dry skin from pores and reveals a fresher, smoother surface.  You can exfoliate your skin by using a soft wash cloth or a gentle loofah. I have been using a Buff Puff for as long as I can remember. I love how soft, shiny and smooth it makes my skin.

A gentle facial scrub is also great exfoliating.  If you have sensitive skin choose a scrub that is mild and less abrasive. Try mixing coconut oil with a bit of sugar or salt for a inexpensive DIY scrub.

Ellen Lange's at Home Retexturizing Peel Kit has been a long time favorite. This is a once a week treatment. The treatment starts with a scrub, next the retexturizing glycolic pads and then the brush on mask solution.  

The results.....amazingly soft, glowing skin. This is the perfect treatment to use before any of your Prewedding Events.  Your friends will think you spent the day at the Spa. The kit comes with 60 glycolic pads which can be used every day for continuous treatment.

Products with retinoic or retinol are very effective in cell rejuvenation. You can get over the counter lotions with this ingredient or for better results, a stronger strength can be prescribed by a dermatologist. 

There are many in-office treatments by your dermatologist that are very effective in skin rejuvenation. Many of these treatments are routine for models and celebs, especially before a shoot or a big event. Glycolic Peels and Microdermabrasion have been a staple for years. 

These treatments can even out skin tone, lessen light scarring and remove layer of old skin cells, thus leaving plumb glowing skin. 

Many newer treatments are being used such as photofacials and Picosure. Picosure laser is great for refining skin and giving it that beautiful glow. Thinking of getting that tattoo removed before your wedding? Your're in luck. Picosure is being used for removing tattoos as well.


Whether you choose to use DIY scrubs or in-office laser treatments, I'm sure you will be beaming with confidence, love and glowing skin on your wedding day.

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