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Wedding Day Makeup Blunders

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Wedding Day Makeup Blunders

You want to look beautiful and perfect on your wedding day. Through my years doing on location hair & makeup I think I have seen or heard every beauty mishap. With a bit of fore thought and some tricks of the trade you can stop mishaps before they happen.

Keep an Updo Up, use silicone based products lightly. Have your hairdresser use 3 inch Bobbie pins and crisscross the pins to guarantee the perfect updo until you fall into bed.


Control the shine. Take steps to keep your skin from getting shining throughout the day. Start with a matifying gel. Then apply an oil free foundation and then a light powder. Remove oil from you skin through out the day by plotting with Rice paper. Flash photography enhances shine so it is important to keep slightly matte skin for looking great in photos.  


Banish Blemishes. Woke up the morning of your wedding day with a blemish. No worries. For a flawless complexion apply foundation. Use a lip brush to apply a little concealer to the blemish. Then dip the lip brush in loose powder. Apply on top of concealer. Gently brush off any excess powder. Picture perfect.


Avoid under eye smudge. Your wedding day can be an emotional day. Avoid using eyeliner pencils. They smudge too  easily. Use a powder or liquid liner. Be sure to use waterproof mascara. Carry a few Q tips in your purse to quick and easy touch up on any under eye smears.

Use a lip sealant on our lips to avoid any embarrassing smudges left on your husband.